Altopiano delle Rocche

The LIFE 3H project in Abruzzo is aimed at creating a sustainable mobility system, based on FCH (fuel cell Hydrogen) technology that connects the Altopiano delle Rocche, located within the Velino Sirente Park, to the main connecting sections between Tirreno and Adriatico, i.e. the railway and bus routes Rome-Pescara, through the strategic hub of Avezzano, and at the same time allow a connection between the ski resorts of Magnola and Campo Felice, so as not to have any polluting emissions in atmosphere in an area inside a park where the air quality is and must remain excellent.

The new HFC bus line, consisting of 2 buses of 8 m long, will allow you to reach the Alto- piano from the Avezzano train and bus station, and will serve heterogeneous users (users of the ski facilities, students, workers, tourists ...), with differentiated exercise programs in winter (during the ski season) and summer. The operational program will be integrated in- to the planning of the transport company TUA, partner of the project

The hydrogen refueling station will be built by SNAM near the Avezzano freight hub, close to the Avezzano highway exit, where will be transported the hydrogen, produced by CHIM- ICA BUSSI SpA using energy from hydroelectric sources. as production waste in the process that leads to obtaining caustic soda from sodium chloride by electrolysis. This im- proves the environmental impact of the system as a whole, since the production waste of one production process becomes raw material for another process.