The LIFE 3H project foresees, in the Lazio Region, the operation of a Hydrogen Valley using n° 2 hydrogen-powered buses used for special line transport dedicated to cruise passengers, as well as public line transport within the areas of the Port of Civitavecchia.

Port Mobility, one of the beneficiary partners to the project, is a concessionary private company which operate in the port of Civitavecchia thanks to the Convention subscribed with Civitavecchia Port Authority. One the services provided is the transport which is articulated in two routes: one public transport service for all port users which connect all port areas and especially, is utilized by ferry and roro passenger; the second one is a special public transport line which link the cruise terminal with the Civitavecchia train station. The two H2 busses will be employed mainly for the latest service described, whilst they will be used for the internal port service only when there are no cruise ships in the port.

The service line between port and the train station is 2.5 km long, and it takes approximately 15 mins one way, at an average speed of 10 km/h. The service is provided when cruise ships are moored in the port, from 8.30 am to the 6.30 pm. The number of passengers using this service is around 550,000 annually (2019 data).

The route goes from RCT cruise Terminal (situated next to Dock 12) to the Civitavecchia Train station, passing through Varco Fortezza in the way out of the port. On the way back, the route goes by Varco Vespucci, passing through the historic part of the port and goes back to RCT Terminal.

The internal port service is 12.5 km long and runs along a circular route of 12.5 km, and the average journey time is 60 min to complete a round trip, at 20 km/h speed. The service operates from 5.30 am to 11.00 pm all year long and being a public transport service, there are bus-stops along the route, indicated by bus shelters.

The bus will be manufactured by Rampini Carlo S.p.A with the length of 8 meter and total capacity of 48 passengers of which 13 are seated. The bus will be equipped with a 30kW Fuell Cell and a 175kWh battery pack operating in range extender mode.

The Project also foresees the setup of a hydrogen refuelling station, specifically built by SNAM and will be located in the area outside of the port, towards the commercial area of Civitavecchia.